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So are there ways to work from home and earn online income? The answer to this question is yes. There are many opportunities if you just take the time to do a little bit of research on the internet. Beware, though, there are many scam sites that will make offers of riches to be made. This should immediately raise a red flag in your mind. Too often, hard working folks like yourself and myself fall prey to these get rich schemes. The key to avoiding these types of schemes is to do a thorough research prior to making any type of commitment. Make sure you take notes on the different websites and put them on your personal “Black List” if need be.



Survey taking is a legitimate way to earn income online. The amount you earn varies as it is based on the number of surveys you take and complete. Income potential can be anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars per completed survey. This method is time-consuming as some surveys could take up to an hour or so to complete. Here are some survey sites that I have researched and have found to be legitimate:survey taking

Inbox Dollars =

Paid Surveys =

Swag Bucks =

Survey Junkie =

One Opinion =



Another online income source in Multi-level marketing or (MLM). Wikipedia defines MLM as pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Basically, this type of system is a recruiting scheme. It makes money by recruiting more members into the scheme. Members are lead to believe that they are close or nearing the top level of the pyramid but more or likely will never achieve this. I would personally stay away from this income source. Some Multi-level Marketing Companies that I have researched are:multi-level marketing

Amway =

Amsoil =

AdvoCare =

Free Life =

Herbalife =

Medifast =



Affiliate marketing is another source of income online. I highly recommend this as a preferred income generator. You earn income by promoting a company’s or an individual’s product. You merely find a product that you like, this part is important, and you promote it. The more you are aware of the product the more likely you will be able to promote and sell it. Your income is based on your performance, (selling the product), and can be quite rewarding. Search the internet yourself, you’ll see that there is a growing number of people that have secured their financial freedom through affiliate marketing.  Some of the companies that I have researched and have found to be legitimate are:digital marketing

Wealthy Affiliate =   (My #1 Recommendation)

Click Bank =

Amazon Affiliate =

Google AdSense =

Commission Junction =

Share a Sale =



Blogging is another online income source that is gaining in popularity. I took a look at today’s blog statistics on www.worldmeters, 1/6/2017, and there are currently 320,997 active blogs going on. This is not accurate as the meter changes approximately every second. As you can see, blogging is quite popular and if you find yourself gifted in this area, this may be your pot of gold. Building a substantial readership is one way bloggers earn income. Another way is to place ads on their websites. Some of the best blog platforms that I have researched are:

Word Press =

Weebly = www.weebly.comblog

Sybtle =

Square Space =

Medium =

Blog =

Blogger =



Drop shipping is another method that you can use to make income online. With this method, you as an online merchant are not required to hold an inventory. A buyer pays you for a product, you buy the product from a third party at a discounted rate. The third party then fulfills the order and ship the item out to the buyer. The biggest advantage to this method is that fact that you are not required to maintain an inventory thus eliminating the need for a typical brick and mortar warehousing facility. The biggest drawback to this method can be poor logistics on the third party side. Poor logistics can affect your customer’s experience and discourage return sales and referrals. Some of the Drop shipping companies that I have researched are:

Oberlo =

Shopify = www.shopify.comshipping

Cutting edge =

EZ Dropper =


So as you can see, there are many ways to work from home and make an income online. Keep in mind that the internet is a resource that is used worldwide. There are legitimate as well as illegitimate companies that are seeking to grab your attention. Do yourself a favor, make certain you thorough research any and all companies and websites that you feel could be a perfect fit for you. Understand that you will not become a successful millionaire overnight. All good things take the time to develop. Good luck to you in your search for the perfect online income opportunity.



4 comments on “Work at home jobs”

  1. Vertical Veloxity Reply

    Hello and thank you very much for this great information. I am going to look into using Shopify as a dropshipper. I tried another company last year and it was the pitts.. I paid like $700 up front to have the ability to dropship their stuff. I forget the name of the company but it is not on your list of Dropshippers

    I sold a few items. But did not make much money off it. They did not have a lot of items people wanted at the right price.

    So if you made a sale you did not make much off it. because you still had to pay the company for the product.

    I never knew that Shopify had a dropship model. I trust that name. Thanks I will look into it!

    Any tips for me in the future not to get ripped off?

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for stopping by my site. Hey, sorry to hear of your bad experience with dropshipping. I thinks that we all experience this as some point and time while we search out good money making opportunities. Yes, Shopify is a good source. Have you heard of Gooten? They are a good source to use in conjunction with your shopify store. Some tips that I suggest is to have a good relationship with your suppliers. Do everything you can to eliminate a middleman that can cut into your profit margin. Lastly, make sure that your suppliers have an adequate stock of the products you supply in your storefront. Thanks again for your visit and comment.


  2. Norman Reply

    Hello and thanks for sharing, there is just so many ways that a person can make money online from the comfort of their own home. Gone are the days where you had to go and find a job, now in this day and time success is just a click away, well not that easy but I think that you got the point. Your post is well detailed and filled with good information that will point your readers in the right direction. Thanks again for sharing this awesome post.

    • jerome Reply

      Thank you for your visit and comment Norman. I agree, there are quite a few opportunities online to earn some money. We just have to take advantage of the ones that better fit our needs. My intentions are to provide my visitors with information that is available online that can possible be a good source of income for them. Thanks again for your visit and comment.


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