Wealthy Affiliate

Membership Fee = Free starter membership (7-day free trial)

Monthly Membership = $49.00

Yearly Premium membership = $359.00

My rating = 99 % out of 100%


Wealthy Affiliate is an online e-learning system. Its founders, Kyle and Carson, both online marketing experts, established Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. Since its inception, membership has grown to over 700,000. Not bad for a start-up business by two college kids. The goal of Wealthy Affiliate is to provide training to anyone seeking to learn what it takes to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.



The program is designed for everyone. As a beginner, the training provided is instrumental to beginning the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. You will learn and understand the concept of affiliate marketing and how you can apply it to build a successful online business. It is also very beneficial to those who are already familiar with the concept and have already established live affiliate websites. They can continue to further their education on affiliate marketing, learn new marketing techniques, and transfer their domains over to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

  • Anyone seeking ways to earn a passive income

  • Anyone seeking ways to earn a full-time income

  • Retirees

  • Anyone seeking ways to quit their 9-5 jobs

  • College students seeking a source of income

  • Stay at home parents

  • Military personnel seeking ways to supplement their military paycheck

  • People seeking ways to spend more time with their families



  • Excellent state of the art training 

    The training is simplified so that learners of all levels can easily navigate and learn.

  • Video Training 

    Most all training videos are conducted by Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. He thoroughly explains every step in the lessons and gives examples to reiterate important points.




video training


  • Technical Support

    Wealthy Affiliate is available to you for technical issues related to your website. Members simply create a support ticket and submit it to site support. Response time is excellent.

site support


  • Website Hosting

  •  Secure website hosting for your websites. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is equipped with Secure Sockets Layer, SSL which is a technology that enables an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. All websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate is protected from malicious online activities due to this SSL standard.



  • 2 Free Websites

     Available to you as a Starter Member. You can build 2 websites visible on the internet in minutes.

wa websites



  • Live Interactive Chat

     Available to Premium Members. Take part in interactive chat sessions with other members. Discuss problems you may be having with your website creation. Answer questions from other members.

live chat


  • Community Support 

    Receive 24-hour support from other Wealthy Affiliate Members. The community board is an excellent way to meet and greet new community members. Here, members share training that they feel may be helpful to the community.

  • Weekly Live Training Seminar 

    Weekly live training seminars conducted by Wealthy Affiliate Staff

training seminar


  • Siterubix 

    State of the art website building platform

siterubix logo


siterubix dashboard


  • Keyword Tool

    – Keyword tool generator used to generate keywords essential for good SEO rankings.

keyword search tool










  • Free 7 day no obligation trial offer

  • 2 free websites

  • Proactive owners. Owners involve themselves with embers on a daily basis

  • State of the art interactive training

  • Access to training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Live weekly video training seminars

  • State of the art domain hosting

  • Excellent technical support

  • Access to state of the art web creation tools

  • Access to Siterubix, a state of the art website designing platform

  • Can have up to 25 websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate

  • Affordably priced.




  • Training can be a bit overwhelming to new members in the beginning. Usually, gets resolved after a few days.

  • Free membership not available in some countries.

  • Members are encouraged to engage in social media to advertise and market their online businesses and may spend excessive time socializing within their social media platforms.



5 stars


In comparison to other affiliate programs, I feel that the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Is the most superior by far. Uncommon with other programs is the fact that they offer a seven-day free trial offer. They allow you to build 2 free websites as a starter member. The training they provide is top notch. They also offer a live training seminar once a week. I find the cost of membership to be extremely reasonable. My review of member’s testimonials further solidifies my opinion of the program as being an excellent one. I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Program to anyone seeking to learn what it takes to become a successful online affiliate marketer.





6 comments on “Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Kurtis Quick Reply

    If I do not have any experience online is this platform going to teach me skills for the long haul? or it is a platform just to get going quickly with no long term help?

    • Jerome Reply

      Absolutely. Even as a starter member, you will have access to the top rated interactive training available to premium members. I would encourage you to check out the free trial and see for yourself how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is. I started the program as a novice and was utterly amazed at how simple they have made the training, even for beginners. Thank you for visiting my site also for leaving your comment.

  2. Moon Reply

    I’m searching for ways to earn online when I found your article. I’m totally new to this, so can you let me how actually could we make earnings from it and how much time do I need to commit? Are the trainings time-based? What if I can’t complete lessons on time?

    • Jerome Reply

      Hi Moon,
      thanks for visiting my site. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to earn an income online. The key is to find affiliates that sell products pertaining to your niche. You would then advertise and promote their products and get paid a commission once the products you promote sells. Your niche is something that you really like or are passionate about. Perhaps you enjoy football. Football can then be your niche. you can promote products related to football i.e. football supplies, football jerseys, football cards, etc. As far as the training goes, there is no time limit. It is self-paced so you pick the pace that you want to learn at. I hope this information has answered your questions. Thanks again for your visit and comment. Please feel free to drop by again.

  3. Nelson Rosa Reply

    Jerome, you said that the training can be overwhelming for newbies, how is that?

    • Jerome Reply

      Hi Nelson, thanks for stopping by. I find that new members at first find the training material overwhelming because that try to absorb too much at once. The program is self-paced so there is no real rush to complete it. The training is one of the best programs for affiliate marketing so taking the time to really absorb it pretty important. After awhile, everyone settles down and find the pace that it best suited for themselves. Thanks again for your visit and your comment.

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