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The use of keywords is important for getting your website content recognized by search engines. Search engines store commonly used keywords in their databases and use them to associate search engine searches with your website content. Not using them will result in little to no traffic to your website. So how do you know if you are using good keywords in your site content? The best way to find out is by using keyword tools. The internet has many keyword search tools. Some are free to use while others are pay for use tools.

Here is a list of some keyword tools that I use:


This is my number #1 recommended keyword tool. You can sign up for a free trial with Jaaxy which will give you 30 keyword searches. After 30 searches you can sign up as a Pro Member for $27.00 per month or as an Enterprise Member for $49.00 per month

Answer the public

This is a free keyword tool. You can enter keywords and it will generate long-tail key questions and preposition. This is also another excellent resource that you can utilize to create your website content

Keyword Eye

This is another good keyword search tool. This tool supply you with autocomplete data just as the free Google tool does but better. There is only one paid plan which is the Pro Plan. Cost is $10.00 per month which is billed annually.




In this example, I have chosen Wearable Technology as my niche topic. I will be using Jaaxy keyword Tool to research my niche topic.


search box


As you can see I have entered Wearable Technology in the search box.



jaaxy results


Here are the results that Jaaxy has generated for me.  It has generated 13 possible keywords that I can use. Because I am using a free trial I do not have access to all the great features that this tool has to offer. It does list, however, the most import features that you or I will need. Here is an explanation of what these features mean:

Avg. = the keyword average searches per month

Traffic = the average visits site using this keyword gets per month

QSR = Number of competition. How often is this keyword used? We will see the numbers in the next screen shot.

KQI = Key Quality Index

  • Red = do not bother using this keyword. Competition is too steep

  • Yellow = Okay to use

  • Green = best to use

SEO = Search engine optimization

Domains = Availability of domains according to keyword

Related = “Brainstorm) will provide related keywords. This is only available with premium membership.


jaaxy seo scores


So here you now see the SEO scores of all of the listed keywords. There are three things that you need to take into consideration when selecting these keywords.

  • Choose keywords that are under 300. Keywords 200 or below is what you want to aim for but going as high as 300 will still put you in a good spot in the rankings.

  • Try to choose keywords that are over 100 SEO.

  • Make sure that you use your keywords where they make sense, grammatically speaking, in your content.



Hope you have found this helpful. Keywords are critical in ensuring that popular search engines are able to direct the maximum amount of traffic to your website. Use quality keywords in the beginning of your content (first paragraph), in a manner that makes sense grammatically. There are keyword tools available for free on the internet. You should use make full use of them. For the very best results, I recommend Jaaxy keyword tool. You can perform 30 free keyword searches with Jaaxy. If you find that this tool fits your needs, you can sign up AS A PRO member for $19.00 per month.




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