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WordPress is a free and open source management system that has all the features you will need to create and manage your website. It contains plugins or utilities, that you will use to setup your website’s structure. Plugins will also be used to add and edit content to your site. As you progress, you will undoubtedly need more. If you do, they can be easily imported into WordPress. WordPress is designed for beginners as well as advanced users so put your worries away.


WordPress At First Glance

When you first log in, you will come to this view. This is called your dashboard. From here, you have access to all the features installed.

wp first glance



SEO All In One –  Window

Installed with WordPress is the All in One SEO Pack. This is perhaps one of the most downloaded WordPres Plugin. What it does is it ensures that your WordPress blog is fully optimized for Search Engines. There is a Pro Version of this plugin but you should be just fine with the basic. Once you are prepared, you will be making some setting changes here to improve how your site’s ratings with Search Engines.

seo window



Here is where you will find the plugins that you currently have installed. As I mentioned earlier, you can easily import more plugins as you progress along with your website. You simply have to type in the plugin you are looking for in the search box on the upper right-hand corner. Once you have selected search, the plugin should appear. You now have the option to install the plugin.






WordPress comes loaded with many themes. Some are free to use and some are paid for use themes. I personally use free themes as the fit my needs just fine.






Here you will see the current pages that you have published. You can simply add pages by selecting “add new” in the top left-hand corner. You can also edit or delete pages to your website from here.


pages and posts



Here you will find the posts you have already published to your website. From here you can add, edit, or delete your posts





Here you will see the list of tools that is available for your use.





Here is where you can add or delete users for your website. You can also select the level you want each user to have. As an administrator, a user will have the authority to make changes to your site so be careful when assigning this level of authority.




So, here you have it. WordPress in a nutshell. I hope you have found this introduction to WordPress beneficial to you.




4 comments on “Introduction to WordPress”

  1. Peter Reply

    This is a wonderful layout showing the back end of Word Press. How many websites do you think use this platform to build on?
    I know it’s very popular and I am learning new stuff every day. It really is a very powerful tool. Lots of great pictures to learn from.
    Thanks for this , really well done.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for dropping in Peter and also for your comments. WordPress is an awesome platform, probably the best in my opinion. Many of the popular hosting services utilize the WordPress platform. I am glad that the information was of use to you. Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. Neil Reply

    As a WordPress blogger myself, it sure is one AWESOME content management system (CMS) for folks who love to write and build a successful online business from helping others.

    From your screenshots of some of the main features, WordPress is one of the most user-friendly and highly effective platform for bloggers.

    With everything that WordPress offers, it’s not difficult to see why it’s the biggest and best website platform. 🙂


    • admin Reply

      Hi Neil,

      thanks for visiting my site. I totally agree with you on WordPress. It is in my opinion the BEST for beginning to advanced bloggers. A one stop shop with many free and paid themes to choose from. Thanks again for your visit and comment.


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