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How to make money with ClickBank? Better yet, can you make money with ClickBank? The answer is yes and there is a huge number of affiliate marketers that have found success with this online retailer. ClickBank, an internet retailer, was founded by Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998. It is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. It also has offices in Broomfield, Colorado. Since it’s inception, ClickBank has attracted over 1.5 million affiliate marketers and vendors, ClickBank serves as a medium between vendors and affiliate marketers. Vendors offer physical as well as digital products to sell. Affiliate marketers then have the opportunity to promote these products to consumers through their websites or through vendors websites.



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Step 1. Complete the ClickBank sign-up form –  Fill in all the required information requested. You will be supplying you personal information in this step.

Step 2. Supply financial information =  List the institution that you want ClickBank to disburse your payments.

Step 3. ClickBank account information – Create your ClickBank username and password. If you already have an existing ClickBank account, you will also have to list any additional account information.

Step 4. Submit application

Step 5. Complete ClickBank Client Survey – Fill out the client survey form. In this step, you will also be offered the opportunity to attend the ClickBank University. I highly suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about ClickBank and how the program works.

Step 6. Receive your confirmation message – Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions provided to complete your account setup. Once you have completed this, you can start taking advantage of the program and all it has to offer.



ClickBank is a cost per action or CPA affiliate marketing platform. It is a marketplace where vendors make their products available for affiliate marketers to promote. Upon approval by a vendor, an affiliate marketer is then authorized to advertise and promote their chosen products. When consumers click on their chosen products, they are redirected to the vendor’s site for initial processing. ClickBank will then complete the final sale, and, the affiliate market will get paid a commission for the sale of the product.



  • Entrepreneurs

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Retailers

  • Anyone seeking a way to make money online


  • Signing up is easy

  • Good commissions

  • Training is provided

  • Thousands of products to choose to promote

  • You can set up a minimum payout as low as $10.00



  • With some many products available to promote, picking the right ones to promote may be difficult

  • Going over some customer reviews, I find that there is a high product return rate

  • Requires vendors approval to promote products



ClickBank has beestar ratingn in business going on 19 years. I have not read many bad reviews on this company as of this writing. There are some reviews of vendors and affiliate marketers that have not found success with ClickBank. This is normal with any business so is to be expected. I find this company to be a legitimate source to make legitimate income and would recommend it to anyone wishing to participate in their program.


4 comments on “How to make money with ClickBank”

  1. JelenaBB Reply

    Thank you for this review on Click Bank.
    I did not know that there are already 19 years old. I have signed only a month ago and so far I’m still learning all the options that Click Bank offers. You’re right that Click Bank offers thousands of products, and that is in fact the biggest problem is to find the right product or group of products they offer to their readers on the site. But in addition, Click Bank is a great way of earning online.

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for your visit and your comment. ClickBank is a great source to make a good income online. Narrowing down the products can be a challenge but if you know what you already want to promote, it make the process a little easier. I wish you much success with your experience with them. Thanks again for visiting and commenting.

  2. Gabe Reply

    Hey man, I just wanna say that I really enjoyed reading your article. I recently made a website about 3 months ago and have been looking for different ways to monetize my site but I thought the only way was affiliate marketing, so I’m glad I found this. Do you know if you get paid just for the click as well as the cost per action?

    • admin Reply

      Hey Gabe,

      thanks for stopping by and commenting. If you are referring to actions as a regular member, you get paid for the ads that you click on. You can also sign up as an affiliate and promote your product or promote other people’s products. If you are promoting your product, you set the commission rate you are willing to pay others to promote your product. If you choose to promote other people’s product, you can be paid a commission anywhere between 5% to 75% depending on the product being promoted. Here is a link that can further explain the process for you (…). Hope this helps you out. Thanks again for stopping in and commenting.


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