Best SEO Keyword Tool

Keywords and long tail keyword phrases are what internet users input into search engines to find websites based on them. They are very important as they drive traffic to your website. Choosing top ranking keywords can ensure a maximum flow of targeted traffic to your site. It is also important that you understand that top search engines utilize the keywords you use to determine how your web pages and post are indexed within search listings. If you want your pages and post to rank on the first page of Google or Bing, using high ranking keywords is necessary. To find them, you will need to utilize an online keyword tool to find to best ones relevant to the content of your web pages and posts.



I highly recommend Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool. Jaaxy is perhaps the best keyword tool available on the internet today. The tool compiles the most commonly used keywords and keyword phrases or long-tail keywords from all the major search engines to include Google, Bing, and Yahoo and provides analytical data on them to include:

  • Monthly searches – Approximate amount of searches per month on a particular keyword
  • Estimated Traffic – Estimated amount of traffic you could receive if your keyword appears on page 1 of search engine
  • QSR – Quoted Search Result – Level of competition on a particular keyword
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – Quality of particular keyword (Green) = Best, (Yellow) = okay, (Red) = not good
  • SEO Power – Search Engine Optimization Power – Based on 1-100, the higher the better.
  • Domain Search – Search domain containing this particular keyword
  • To Do – Save keywords


To get a better understanding of how the Jaaxy Keyword Tool work I have included this video so that you can actually see how amazing this tool works.



You can sign up for a free trial with Jaaxy. To do this you must create a free trial account. You will be able to use this amazing tool to complete 30 free Jaaxy searches. If you are satisfied and would like to continue using Jaaxy you can sign up as a Pro Member for $19.00 per month. You can also sign up as an Enterprise Member for $49.00 per month.



  • An added benefit to signing up as a member is the ability to earn referral points. Refer others to become Jaaxy members and receive 10 points per referral. Points you earn can be used for your Jaaxy searches. Many members use points for their searches so basically, their monthly usage is free.
  • Members-only benefits

Jaaxy Affiliate Referral Commissions

  • New member monthly sign up = $8.00 monthly reoccurring
  • New member Yearly sign up = $80.00 yearly reoccurring
  • New member enterprise monthly sign up = $20.00 monthly reoccurring
  • New member enterprise yearly sign up = $200.00 yearly reoccurring


To sign up for a free trial, please feel free to fill out your information in the space provided below. You will be under no obligations to continue using Jaaxy after your 30 free.