Amazon Associates – My unique review


Amazon Associates was launched in 1998 and is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs that became available to affiliate marketers and retailers. Website owners are able to advertise and promote Amazon products on their websites. Retailers can make their products available to be advertised and promoted. I personally, am an Amazon Associate and have not realized a significant success with the program as of this writing.



  • Bloggers with blog sites

  • Affiliate Marketers with a website

  • Retailers



Your first step is to have a website in order to advertise and promote products.

Sign-up: If you do not have an Amazon account, you will have to sign-up as a new member. If you already have an existing account, continue to sign in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Become an Affiliate”.

amazon sign up form

  • Select – New Customer. Enter all information requested.

  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with program features. In this step, you will be setting up your Amazon Associate Account. Some of the information you will see here are tools for associates, associate blogs, help features, and discussion forums.

  • Enter your website information – website name, website URL, website purpose.

  • At the end of this step, you will be asked to authenticate your application page. Enter the characters you see in the box.

  • Click on “Next”.

  • Read Amazon Associates policy and then click “Finish”

The final step is to receive notification from Amazon that you have been approved as an Amazon Associate. You can now log in to your Amazon account and start using the affiliate tools for your website. You can also setup your own aStore for use on your website as well.

Amazon aStore

amazon astore



  • Easy to sign up

  • Free to join

  • Great affiliate tools to use for your website

  • Legitimate affiliate program that has been operating since 1998

  • Realtime affiliate tracking

  • Highly respected and widely used brand name



  • Low commissions

  • Residents of Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorad0, Rhode Island, Maine, and Minnesota can not participate

  • Step by step training not provided



3 and a half star



Although Amazon is an excellent affiliate program that you can earn an income from, commissions paid for promoting products are low in comparison to other affiliate programs. There is no step by step training provided and contacting amazon support can be difficult at times. I would recommend this program as a supplemental program to augment your other source of income.





4 comments on “Amazon Associates – My unique review”

  1. Vertical Veloxity Reply

    I think the Amazon affiliate program can be your primary income or a supplemental. I have been using it for years. But I have not made any money off it yet.

    But I certainly see the potential. I know people who have made thousands of dollars a month with it. But I guess my online presence and targeting have not been good enough to make incom. But I have my eye on it and I am making it more of a goal now 🙂

    Being that many people use Amazon and know it already. It an be a great tool in my opinion. Thanks for the review!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for your return visit. I really appreciate it. I certainly agree with you about the Amazon Affiliate Program. I am an associate myself and have average sales on one of my websites and above average sales on another site. I guess it all depends on the site niche topic and it’s popularity. I’m sure as time moves on sales will pick up more. I have a friend that is making tremendous sales on his site. Believe it or not, he promotes drinking bottles, hydration packs, bottle carriers, etc. Evidently these are popular items. Who would have figured. Thank for stopping by again.


  2. Simon Crowe in Asia Reply

    I have to agree with you that Amazon shouldnt be your primary way of monetising your website but it’s great as a secondary income stream if you happen to mention a product or book in passing.

    I like Amazon for its wide product range but I personally tend to go for digital products wth monthly recurring commissions because I think it takes the same amount of time and effort to build a website around that than it does to get a 3% commission from Amazon.

    I wish Amazon were just a little more generous in their commission rates but because they’re not elling digital products, their margins are more squeezed.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Simon. Amazon is great but like you mentioned, they are not as generous with their commissions like other affiliate programs are. Hard to believe since they are the largest online retailer on the internet today. It’s great great source for supplemental income but definitely not at as main source. Who knows, they may increase the commission rates in the future. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.


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