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I’m glad you decided to take a chance to see how I can assist you in gaining some insight on the Wealthy Affiliate Program. As I mentioned in my About Me Page, I am an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate program and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to make real income online.



I first came across Wealthy Affiliate while searching the internet for legitimate ways to make an income online. After losing money to many other programs that ended up in total failures, I was skeptical about what this program claims to offer. I read many reviews on the program, many good ones, and some bad ones. The bad ones were from people that thought that they would be bringing in money within a few days and didn’t put good effort towards their goals. From my experience, nothing good happens overnight. You have to put forth your best efforts to be successful at anything. I decided to give the free offer a try and am thankful that I did. It only took a week before I decided that this was indeed the real deal.  I now have 2 successful online businesses that are generating income for me.



If you are a self-starter and are motivated and willing to put forth good efforts towards securing your financial freedom, then I would say yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect opportunity for you. The program is perfect for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a way to leave their current job to pursue a full-time online career.
  • Anyone seeking to supplement their current income.
  • Retirees who are seeking ways to supplement their pensions.
  • College students who are seeking ways to pay for their education.
  • Stay at home mom and dads that are seeking ways to earn part-time or full-time income.
  • Business owners who are seeking ways to advertise their business, products or services.
  • Novice or Budding Entrepreneurs



There is no limit to the amount of money you can possibly make by owning your very own online business.  The amount of money you make really depends on the niche (product or service) that you select for your business. If you choose a very popular niche, chances are you will end up making some serious money. Here are some examples of niches that are really popular:

  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Pet supply and products
  • Making money on the internet
  • Health
  • Natural Healing



      • There is no cost to sign up for the program as a starter member
      • You will receive Free Online Entrepreneur Certification Training that will enable you to build 2 successful online income generating businesses
      • You will have access to free online tools to build out your websites
      • You will receive free web hosting through Wealthy Affiliate to maintain your websites
      • You will receive 24-hour technical support
      • You will receive free email hosting for your online businesses
      • You will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate community to assist you in any way possible
      • All this at no cost to you as a Starter Member.
        Wealthy Affiliate benefits image

        Wealthy Affiliate benefits


        So as you can see, there are so many benefits that you will receive as a starter member. You are not obligated in any way to sign up as a premium member. I signed up as a free member but it only took me 4 days to realize that this was truly a legitimate program that would allow me to build a successful online business. The instructions and instructors are first class. To see for yourself what you will experience, please click on the link below. I am positive you will be impressed with what the program has to offer.


        • The first month – If you decide to become a premium member, your first month’s payment will be $19.00. This is a 59% discount from the regular monthly payment.


        • Yearly membership – If you sign up for a yearly membership, your total yearly payment will be $359.00. This is a saving of about $205.00 which equates to about less than a dollar a day.




        Here is a video that will explain the training you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate. The course is designed for all levels from beginners to advanced Affiliate Marketers. Once you start the course you will soon realize that they have made the process of learning how to build your online business an easy process. 


So, have I convinced you yet that Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice for you? There is no other comparable affiliate program out there that offers as must as Wealthy Affiliate does. The best thing about it is that you can be potentially earning money as you build your website.



  • Affiliate Referrals

A great benefit of training with Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to earn while you are learning affiliate marketing. If someone were to click on your affiliate link on your website as you are building it, you may be entitled to a referral commission should the person decides to sign up as a member. How cool is that!!


After you have been a member for 3 months, you have the opportunity to create training that can be helpful to other Wealthy Affiliate members. The community is an extremely helpful one which you will see from the very beginning. Here is an example of what you could earn for creating quality training:

Training type = Level 1        Credits earned = 10               Money equivalent = $5.00

Training type = Level 2        Credits earned = 20               Money equivalent = $10.00

Training type = Level 3        Credits earned = 30               Money equivalent = $15.00

Training type = Level 4        Credits earned = 40               Money equivalent = $20.00

Training type = Level 5        Credits earned = 50               Money equivalent = $25.00

Enough said, If you think this is something that you feel fits your needs, I encourage you to click on the enrollment link that I have provided below. If not, I thank you for taking the time to go over the material. I know our time is valuable and I hope you have found this information of some use to you.